Our retreats in Mallorca are set in the sunny foothills of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range at our beautiful rustic villa.

The Majorcan retreats combine fitness, yoga, mountain hikes and incredible food that will not only nourish the body, but the soul too.

The villa offers a taste of luxury whilst still maintaining the charm of a traditional Majorcan home. Yoga and fitness sessions take place in the stunning garden overlooking the mountainous surroundings that you will get the chance to explore on our midweek trek. We encourage you to spend time in the quiet areas of the house and gardens to enjoy some down time between activities; having time to reconnect with your own mind and body is what it’s all about. As well as moving your body and relaxing your mind, we want to nourish your soul with delicious food that ticks all the nutritional boxes too. All meals and snacks are designed to provide optimum sustenance for looking and feeling great; we hope to inspire you with fresh ingredients and great flavours.

The fitness sessions will be made up of circuit style training on the terrace with emphasis on developing strength and mobility whilst also kick-starting your metabolism if weight loss is your goal. We use a variety of exercise styles to get the most from each session and achieve each individual’s goal. One-to-one personal training will also make up some of your regime whilst on the retreat and provide you with expert advice and a plan for when you return from your holiday.
The stunning mountainous backdrop will also provide a fabulous play area for our fitness sessions; mountain walks with stunning views and training in the great outdoors are sure to get your blood flowing and hearts glowing. Nothing beats connecting with earth we live, breath and stand on whilst enjoying the endorphin boost that comes from training ‘al fresco’.

The yoga practice will also encourage you to appreciate the glorious surroundings whilst teaching you to connect with your own mind and body through physical practice and mindfulness sessions. Whether you are new to yoga or a well-practised yogi, our tailored sessions will encourage you to engage in a practice that will create space, clarity, warmth and challenge.HM THE BALANCED LIFE FOOD-36

Nutrition plays a huge part in our retreats and we are extremely proud of the delicious food provided during your stay. Each meal and snack is designed to provide your body with all the nutrients you need whilst avoiding anything refined or processed. Our ethos is to ‘nourish not punish’; we include a huge variety of fresh and seasonal fruit and veg that not only do wonderful things for your body, but to your taste buds too.
Our retreats are largely plant powered; we get creative in the kitchen to provide you with the most natural eating experience that will leave you feeling energised and inspired. There are endless benefits of eating plant based, and Jodie, our fitness expert and nutritional adviser, is keen to show you how to get the most from what nature can provide.


Example Day:

7am – Yoga in the Garden

8am – Breakfast

10am – Group circuits

11am – Relaxation time

12.30pm – Lunch

2pm – Mindfulness

3.30pm – One-to-one personal training

7.30pm – Dinner

Upcoming Dates

5th-10th June 2019 – Booking details

8th-13th July 2019 – Booking details 

15th-20th July 2019- Booking details

5th-10th September 2019 – Booking details


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