Welcome to The Balanced Life

At The Balanced Life we are passionate about health; not just hitting the gym for a trendy class or following the latest diet trends …but real health and real well being.

We have combined our 3 limbs of wellness to create luxury retreats tailored for your health goals. Whether it is weight loss, fitness, relaxation or simply quality of life, we can provide the advice you require to create a life long  style of living that not only meets these health needs, but provides optimum enjoyment of life.

Our ethos revolves around three key things:


Intelligent movement for a lasting approach to fitness.


Use the magic of the mind to live the life you love.


Natural, nourishing and delicious food to make you look and feel great.


We can show you have to move intelligently, improve your mindset and up your nutrition game with simple lifestyle adjustments.

Join us on one of our UK or Mallorcan retreats to learn how.


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