“Movement is the song of the body”

On our retreats we will teach you how to move your body intelligently. Movement should be used as tool that helps you look and feel great, and when done correctly the results speak for themselves.

For some, they may look at this section as covering ‘exercise’; in lots of respects, yes, it does. But it is so much more than that too! Many see exercise as a form of punishment, however, using the right training methods will show you just how enjoyable and rewarding movement can be. From Yoga to weights, intelligent movement will enhance your life and improve your health.

Our day to day lives are slowly becoming far more sedentary than nature intended; because of this we need to identify where physical activity is lacking in our routines and try to bring it back. Our bodies were designed to carry us through life with strength, grace and vigor… if we don’t keep moving it, this is simply impossible.

The clients on our retreats benefit from improving many aspects of their physical fitness including:

Weight Loss
Mobility & Flexibility
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